All you need to know about Flower Jewellery For Bride

All you need to know about Flower Jewellery For Bride



Each and every girl in the world wants to look gorgeous, not only on wedding day but also on her pre wedding occassions such as haldi,mehendi and sangeet functions.On these wedding ceremony occassions bride used to wear jewellery that enhances her beauty with traditional dresses.But choosing regular jewellery can look repetitive.Don’t worry – flowers to the rescue!Wear flower jewellery for functions like the haldi and mehendi. It not only looks elegant, but also will give you a change from the metallic variety.

flower jewellery

Different types of flower jewellery :-

Necklace : This can be as simple or as grand as you like. Variety of designs,styles and colours are available.Yellow colour is the first choice for most of the brides.

Earrings: These can be like big stud earrings or it can be dangler one

Maang tikka: You can use one metallic pearl chain and a bigger flower forming the maangtika or you can can connect a string of small flowers with one bigger flower at the end.

Bangles: One of the most common styles, this again can be in different designs and styles

stylish flower jewellery

Rings: You can attach flowers to a simple band to make a flower ring

Hand harness: Connect the bangles and rings with the help of metallic pearl chain and a big flower for this.


Material to be used

We’ve exhausted all options these days – from floral to Gota and pearl too.
What’s a fashionable girl gotta do to stand out, I ask?
Paper or fabric flower jewellery stands out to be the best one that not only look elegant but is also right for wedding pictures.

Where to buy

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